Top 20 Ways to Make Money Online

Top 20 Ways to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online

Hello Friends, in this article today, you will tell the Top 20 Ways to Make Money Online from the Internet sitting at home. So if you too are engaged in social media, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp on your Android phone or on your computer.

And you want to be able to use social media as well as do something on Android phones, laptops so that we can earn some money every month if you have something in your mind.

So this article will be very important for you because here today we are going to tell you about such Top 20 Online Work. Where you can earn good money every month by working 2 to 3 hours, so this article must be completed till the last.

As we all know that in today’s age, if a person has the most need, then he is not aware of what people do in the matter of earning money, but in this internet age more and more people especially The younger generation thinks that How to Make Money Online Without Investing at Home.

Or what to do that can Make Money sitting at home, similar questions arise in mind. And today the world has become so digital anyway, so every household sitting online wants to earn money. If you also want to Make Money Online.

And you bother for it. So now you do not have to worry at all about this.

Because today through this post, we will tell you such ways to Make Money Online, by which you can easily Earn 20 $ to 100 $ by working 3 to 4 hours sitting at home, so let’s know-

How to Make Money from the Internet – Make Money Online

First of all, for your information, tell us that you do not need any High Qualification or any Technically, Experience, and knowledge to Make Money sitting online at home from the Internet or Google.

Not much, you need to know a little about the computer and the Internet. Also, there should be knowledge of some computer.

If you have good knowledge of Computer, Internet, then you can easily earn good money sitting at home how you can make money online from home. The complete information of this is given below in Hindi.

By following it, you can easily earn your computer, Android Phone and Internet by sitting at home.

Ways To Make Money Online

Friends, as there is no doubt in it. That new technology is being invented day by day.

Due to which today all the work is becoming much more comfortable than before. Today, using the Internet has become quite easy due to technology. With this, make money online has become very easy.

Some people have made the Internet and their Smartphone as a means of earning. Many people are earning millions of dollars online every day from the Internet every day.

So now everyone wants this digital too. The reason for being called out, why not earn some money sitting at home. If you think too

And sitting at home and want to earn money by doing some work. So this post is very important for you.

1. Online Survey

Friends, the online survey is a very good way to earn money sitting at home, if you have information about a product or business, then you can easily make money sitting at home with an online survey.

In the online survey, you are asked questions about a product service online, which you have to answer correctly, and on completing a survey you can get from 1 $ to 2 $.

So you can easily do 4-5 surveys every day, I also tell you the names of some of its websites, Star Panel, Toluene, Survey Head, there are some other websites that you can contact.

2. Online Teaching

This is also a Good Way to Make Money Online if you have a good knowledge of a subject or a language. So you can also put online students.
Like today, when talking about social media, you can put your subject online by adding your familiar children or other people to a people app group on the people app. And you can earn very good money from it.

3. Write Articles

If you are very fond of writing, then you can make money very easily, you can write a book and sell it online, or you can also publish those articles on a blog.

And there are many such ways, by which you can earn money sitting at home by publishing articles online. If I talk about myself, I also made good money in the beginning by writing the Article. So this is a very good platform for you to make money online.

Many sites do the work of writing your articles, for this, you can connect with people through Facebook, or there are many such pages on Facebook where there is a requirement of Content Writer, then you can also talk to Blogger there.

And by talking to yourself about them, you can make the task of writing an article. You can easily earn 5 to 20 $ per day by writing 1 article in 2 hours.

Friends, you will find a lot of popular sites on the Internet, from which you can start the work of article writing. For example:

4. Online Data Entry

This is the most popular work of making money online if you have good knowledge about the Internet or Computer, such as Ms. Word, Excel Typing Etc.

So you can easily make money online from home by doing online data entry and form filling work. In this, the company gives you the job of data filling.

You can earn from 10 $ to 20 $ by doing this, which you have to complete.

5. Micro Jobs

Micro is the work of a small category. In this, you can share a page or video. Or watch video Designing a picture or logo can also include a photo and video editing,

By which you can earn money sitting at home online. You do not have to work too hard in this. In which you can earn good money in a short time.

6. SMS Sending Job

You must have seen in your newspaper that many such telecom company ads come. The SMS that provides the job which you can easily search on the Internet, nowadays also adds to the newspaper.

From here also you can earn good money by sitting at home and sending some SMS.

But remember one thing, you should know the entire information about which you see because there are some such jobs in which you can also be given fieldwork,

So it is better if you know the information about it well.

7. Insurance Agent

If you like this work personally or not, I do not know about it, but if you have a way of engaging other people and explaining them well.

So this work is very good for you, in which you can prepare your network by becoming an insurance agent.

You will get the Life Time Commission of the people you insure, like some company does all this like LIC, ICICI, HDFC, TATA AIG, etc.

8. Make Money by Blogging

If you want to do good Earning with the help of the internet sitting at home.

So Blogging is the best, initially, you may face problems for it, but if you have good knowledge about anyone in Technology, Event, Traveling Etc, about which you can write, then it can be quite easy for you. Is.

Here you have to make your blog related to the topic about which you have good information, and you will have to publish content on it, from where you can start Earning after 5 to 6 months.

There are many online adverting companies from where you can earn money through advertisements in your blog.

9. How to make money with youtube

Everyone has heard about YouTube, and this is a website from which no one is unaware, millions of videos are uploaded here every day.

Where there are a million views, friends, as you may be aware that since Jio has come, since then the number of people on YouTube has increased a lot from here, there are many people who are earning millions of dollars from youtube.

So now you also have a golden opportunity to earn money from here. Here you do not have to do much, just for this, like blogging, making a channel on the topic on which you have good knowledge.

And uploading videos on it, when views and Subscriber start coming on your video, then you have to connect with Google Adsense from the incoming channel, and then you will start earning money easily.

10. Dropshipping

Friends Dropshipping (Wiki) is a great platform to make money online. People don’t know that much about dropshipping.

Today there are very few people who do not know about cowardice. Dropping is a very profitable online business.

Do you know what is dropshipping? Dropshipping is an online business where people pick up the mall from a big platform and market the product.

Meaning you have to put the product of Alibaba or any other site on your website (Store), and you can earn millions through the marketing of the same product.

In this, you will not get the cost of the product, nor can you make money by working from home online for delivery. At present, in India, this is the most profitable way to make money online.

11. Business

If you can make a little money, then you can start a small business at home. Like you can open a store.

And you can do the work that you like, as you can get Tiffin Service done.

There are many other things that you can do according to the mind of your interests. And you can earn good money.

12. Tailoring

Friends, as everyone knows, nowadays the time of fashion is going on a lot.

This, this work can prove very good for you if you have an idea to make different clothes.

So you can do the work of tailoring from home, and if you do not get this work, then you can give this work to any Institutes.

Or you can also give it to a friend who does this work, and you can also learn it easily so that you can easily make money sitting at home.

13. Domestic Call Center

Friends, do you know that you can open your call center at home and can answer the questions of the Customer sitting at home.

Some companies offer to do this.

You can open your call center according to your language. You can contact the Newspaper and Company about it.

14. How to make money from Fiverr

Friends, you must have heard about the website. If you do not know about, then no problem, we will share the lesson with you through this article.

Friends is a freelancing platform. If you have any skills, then you can earn a lot of money through your skills. Here, people will get lots of jobs according to their abilities.

Friends, in today’s time, everyone is sitting at home and wishing money. If you suffer from sitting at home, then it is a very good platform.

Do you know how to make an Account on Fiverr? If you do not know, then follow our given steps.

Do you know how works? First of all, if you are a new freelancer, then you will have to give at least three months of work.

You can first have to create a profile according to your skill, which is to make a gig. After that, you have to set the price there according to your work.

If a user needs your skill, then according to the rating and price of your profile, you will order on your Gig. And when you complete the work, you also get Directly Payment.

This was the process of earning money from If you have any skill, then you must go to Fiverr and work. And you can make a lot of money from there.

15. How to make money with Amazon Affiliate

Friends, you must know about the Amazon Affiliate Program. In this topic, we will talk about how to make money online from Amazon Affiliate.

Friends, it is true that by using Amazon Affiliate, people earn more than $ 100 to $ 1000 a month.

But it would come to your mind that what kind of money would we earn?

Friends, let me tell you that there is no way in this that you will also be able to earn 1000 $ month by using Amazon Affiliate.

But how come we know?

You know the difference between those earning $ 1000 and you.

Whatever the reason, we should not bear the results soon. You know, those earning $ 1000 a month today have given at least one year or two years from designing the site, Content Writing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), after doing all these implementations. Earn more

Now let tell me you can how you can make money with Amazon Affiliate?

STEP 1: Choose a good Niche. Whatever Niche you choose, you must have an interest in that Niche, so that you can give the right information to the people about that product.

  • If you have a Freelance Writer and are not writing by yourself, then you can work on that Niche even if you do not have an interest. But it would be best if you came to marketing.

STEP 2: Friends, Niche does not mean, you have seen the website of others where there is the traffic of millions, and you too can start working on the same Niche.

First of all, you have to do a Competitor Analysis.

From what you are choosing Niche, you have to see that what is the top 10 results, how much is their DA, PA? How much have they made backlink? Check it out

STEP 3: Friends, after that, you buy the related domain of Niche and buy a good hosting.

STEP 4: After buying Domain and Hosting, you select a good theme and add it to your site. If you have a budget, then you buy the Theme and use it on your site.

STEP 5: After completing the design of the site, now you have to do the most important work. There are many methods of Keyword Research, which you can find and add to an Excel sheet.

STEP 6: After that, you target your keywords and try to write more length content than your competitor. Minimum Content-Length is better than 1000 Words.

STEP 7: Now you can market your content and share it on social media, if possible, then add video content to your website.

STEP 8: On the last day, if your traffic is more than 100, then you join the Amazon affiliate program. And add your Product Link to your content.

Whenever someone clicks on your link and purchases any product, you will get a commission from that product directly.

That is how you can make money online from Amazon Affiliate.

16. How to make money online from Facebook

Friends, do you know that you can make money online from Facebook too? Facebook is a social media platform. In today’s era, everyone uses social media. There will be someone who does not know how to use Facebook.

Nowadays, people are becoming social media influencers by using social media. And monthly is also earning millions of dollars.

You can also become a social media influencer. So you read till the last so that you can make money online from Facebook.

I will talk about how you can make money online from Facebook in Detail.

STEP1: To make money from friends Facebook, you need a Facebook page.

If you have an offline business and you can sell your goods online, then you can take it on the Facebook page.

First of all, you create a Facebook page; after that, you list your product on your page.

After that, you put Facebook App on App Button, Messenger Button. After that, people will contact you, and you will be able to sell.

And this is how you make money online from Facebook Page.

STEP 2: Friends, you may know that Facebook has recently got a new Monetization Policy lawns. Do you want to see how you can monetize your page?

Friends, you need to create a Facebook Page to do Facebook Page Monetization. After that, you have to upload videos on Paige.

You should also have 10,000 followers on your page. And you must have 30,000 Minutes Watch Time. Only then can you monetize your Facebook page.

In the same way, you can earn money through the Facebook page.

17. How to make money online with URL Shortener

Friends, do you know that we can make money online through URL Shortener as well. Now you must be wondering what this URL Shortener is and how we can make money online from here.

Yes, friends, by shortening the URL, you will be able to make money online.

But let’s know-how

Friends, you must have always shortened the URL of your website or the URL of Youtube. But after shortening the URL, you can also make money online through that link.

You must have heard about Google’s URL Shortener site, it was free, but Google has tied it up.

At the present time, you will get to see the entire URL Shortener site from where you can make a lot of money.

I have told you about some sites; you will be able to make money online by using it.

In my view, which is the first site, this is the best site from which you can earn $ 2 only after registration.

Along with that, you will get money from every URL you short.

18. E-commerce Websites

Friends, when it comes to e-commerce, today’s time is on Boom. As soon as our country is growing digitally, in the same way, nowadays people have started buying online services.

The largest platform in the e-commerce industry is Amazon, Flipkart, eBay Etc.

People have started buying more and more CJs from these platforms these days.

You can also make money online by using the eCommerce Platform in this digital age. But let’s know how to:

STEP 1: The first step that will happen to me will be your product. Your product will have to be the best, which is the need of the people.

STEP 2: Second, you have to do market research. Rate of whatever product you will sell, whether or not there is a need in the logo of your product, and people are already selling their products. I mean, you have to research your competitors.

STEP 3: After that, you will have to name your store. By the same name, you have to buy Domain.

STEP 4: After registering the Domain, you will have to do Site Design, and all the products you have will have to be listed on your site.

STEP 5: After that, keep in mind that your store should be user-friendly so that your Site Mobile is also fast loaded. And you have to set your products from Buy Option to Payment Gateway without Any Trouble.

STEP 6: After that, whenever someone buys from your store, you will get Directly Payment.

In the same way, you can make money online using E-commerce.

Friends, one thing should be kept in mind that before you start E-commerce, you should research and understand yourself.

Ecommerce is going to grow a lot even after 2020, and so, by starting this business, you can make a lot of money.

We have given you a small information share, so you should research it deeply.

19. Domain Flipping / Website Flipping

Have you ever bought and sold a website? Even if you did, then you do not know about it.

Do you know that you can earn millions by flipping the domain and website? But let’s understand how to:

Suppose you had bought a domain, of which your domain is in the name of a company,

Or if your company does not buy your company from this domain, then you can earn millions of dollars by selling your bought domain to that company.

For this, you will have to list it on the auction of Godaddy, and from there, you can sell that domain.

The biggest name on today’s time of Domain and Website Flipping is

You mine have heard this name before, but people are earning millions of dollars by using Flippa.

To make money online from Flippa, as I said earlier, you can list domains like Godaddy.

Second, you have to create a website on the specific Niche and make that site profitable, and whenever you start earning $ 100- $ 1000 monthly from that site or you can earn work on it, then you can sell it in millions of dollars on Flippa.

There is some hard work in this business, but you can earn millions of dollars from here.

20. Network Marketing

Friends, you must have heard about Network Marketing. But do you know what Network Marketing is?

Network Marketing is also known as MLM (Multi-level marketing).

How Can We Make Money Online With Network Marketing? Do you know?

Let us know about this in Detail:

Network Marketing is a Marketing Model; it is such a Marketing Model whereby a company has pushed products to the logo.

This is such a marketing model to get rid of the logo, by which a company has put more and more work on the products at the time.

If seen, this whole game is Word of Mouth. If seen, you must have been recommending more people since business.

But you did not get any commission or money from it.

But on Network Marketing you are recommending or promoting the products of a good company, and if people buy those products, then you get Directly Commission.

To make money online from network marketing, you have to promote a product on a company, and all the people who join through you will get Commission from you.

And from here you can earn through the Commission of millions of dollars.

If seen, it is a very good business model, by which you can also earn a lot of money.


That’s all for friends today. I hope you enjoy reading this article on how to earn money online. If you wish to make money online, then definitely try these 20 Ways. And you can choose one field and start working. One day you will get success in the online field.

If there is a related question of how to make money online, then definitely tell us on the comment. Friends, if you like the article, do share.

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