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Turbo  Xtreme, run by using Karamjeet Singh, is a distinguished Indian moto-vlogging channel on YouTube. Karamjeet Singh, frequently known as turbo Xtreme, has built a huge following through his enticing content that covers bike opinions, travel vlogs, and diverse cycling adventures. His motion pictures regularly characteristic manufacturing and specified insights into special elements of biking and motorcycling culture in India (YouTube) (YouTube).In addition to faster Xtreme, there are several different wonderful moto-vloggers in India. for example, Jasminder Singh, called Jaysn from JS movies, is every other surprisingly famous moto-vlogger with a enormous following. His content material is thought for its humor and tasty storytelling (Rolling Stone India). other popular moto-vloggers consist of Mumbiker Nikhil, who is  for his long-distance visiting videos and product opinions, and Bigbang Biker, who specializes in mild-hearted and humorous content material at the same time as exploring new locations (Rolling Stone India) (Rolling Stone India). those vloggers have contributed notably to the moto-vlogging scene in India, providing a mix of amusement, data, and network-constructing for cycling fans.

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